Blueprint Boosts Services for Financial Advisors With Pontera Partnership

February 21, 2023

Advisor working with a client

Blueprint Financial Advisors, a wealth management firm that empowers financial advisors to focus on growing their business and serving clients rather than day-to-day-operations, has partnered with financial technology company Pontera to enable the firm’s advisor partners to securely and compliantly manage their clients’ held away accounts, including 401(k)s, 403(b)s, HSAs, and more.

“Adding Pontera to the advisor’s tech stack makes held away account management efficient and scalable,” says Blueprint Financial Advisors President Andrea Johnson Swope. “It opens doors for the advisor to pursue new client opportunities, and it allows them to serve existing clients more robustly. The latter point is important because study after study shows that investors want their advisor to be a holistic financial partner.”

Advisory firms that leverage Pontera through Blueprint Financial Advisors receive:

  • A cohesive management strategy for all assets, whether in a held away account or at the custodian, which can streamline reporting, financial planning, and compliance
  • Access to the Blueprint Financial Advisors Trading Team, who can manage Pontera on the advisor’s behalf
  • Consolidated reporting and integration to existing technology

Pontera enables advisors to securely trade and manage their clients’ held away and retirement accounts, allowing individuals to receive the more personalized advice they are seeking. Nearly two-thirds of defined contribution plan participants surveyed by J.P. Morgan indicated they would like to completely hand over retirement planning to an expert.

“More than half of the median American’s wealth is held in retirement accounts, creating a strong demand for help from retirement savers,” said David Goldman, Chief Business Officer of Pontera. “We are pleased Blueprint Financial Advisors Partners has chosen Pontera to enable held away asset management as part of their comprehensive wealth advisor platform.”

About Blueprint Financial Advisors

Blueprint Financial Advisors is a wealth management firm that empowers financial advisors to focus on growing their business and serving clients rather than day-to-day operations. The Blueprint Financial Advisors platform provides advisors with comprehensive wealth advisor solutions in the areas of practice management, technology, back-office capabilities, and customized asset management. Partnering advisors choose their level of independence, with most seeking to solve for succession, join a financial advisory practice, or affiliate with the Blueprint Financial Advisors RIA.

About Pontera

Pontera is a fintech company on a mission to help millions of Americans retire better by enabling financial advisors to manage, trade, and report on assets in held away accounts, including 401(k)s, 403(b)s, HSAs and more. The platform is designed to work across account types and integrate seamlessly with existing portfolio management platforms to help advisors improve their clients’ financial outcomes. Founded in 2012 as FeeX, Pontera is headquartered in New York City.