How Financial Advisors Partner With Us

Keep your autonomy. You drive the next steps in this partnership.

Blueprint Financial Advisors empowers financial advisors to choose their level of independence.

As a Broker Protocol member, our wealth management firm is equipped to partner with advisors seeking to solve for succession, join a financial advisory practice, or affiliate with our RIA.

Solve for succession

Join our financial advisory practice

Affiliate with our RIA

Transition Process For Financial Advisors

Whichever partnership model you decide is right, we’ll work with you to accomplish the following:

Stage 1: Discovery

Build robust mutual understanding of the services Blueprint Financial Advisors offers and the intricacies of your business

Stage 2: Timeline

Develop a comprehensive, customized transition plan that maps out critical milestones to keep us on track to meet the agreed-upon target date for your final transition

Stage 3: Infrastructure

Execute on your customized transition timeline, with emphasis on collecting the data needed for building out your new infrastructure (state registrations, account paperwork, investments, commission and fee reporting, performance monitoring, human resources, and sales and marketing)

Stage 4: Onboarding

Flip the switch and kickoff onboarding your clients, as well as the provision of access and training for you and any team members on the Blueprint Financial Advisors platform, processes, and services

How We Measure Transition Success

We work toward transitions that:

Result in the advisor feeling empowered to focus on growing their business and serving clients rather than day-to-day-operations

Conclude by the target date mutually agreed upon by Blueprint Financial Advisors and the advisor during Stage 2

Offer the opportunity for the advisor to move broker-dealer business into recurring revenue, while focusing on the efficiencies of their day-to-day operations

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