Tommy Mayes Partner

Tommy has a more than 30-year track record in financial services, which fortifies the Blueprint partnership team with deep industry experience.

He has demonstrated skill in:

  • successful investing in public and private markets
  • executive leadership
  • business development
  • collaboration and fostering teamwork
  • leveraging resources to execute strategy in rapidly changing environments

He invested in the firm and became a Partner in 2016, bringing a spectrum of professional accomplishments that add value to the firm’s business and leadership team.


  • Holding progressive roles for more than 18 years with Wachovia Wealth Management (now Wells Fargo), including President of the largest private banking team in the company
  • Establishing Wachovia’s multi-family office practice, now known as Abbott Downing, in Palm Beach, Florida
  • Serving as President and CEO of a multi-family private trust company, simultaneously founding a registered investment advisor to serve the company’s clients, and growing the RIA’s assets under advisement to more than $300 million in less than two years
  • Advising many successful multi-generational families – as well as the advisors who serve them – in the areas of investments (including public and private equity), governance, risk management, family office structures (including structuring and forming private trust companies), and succession
  • Earning a reputation as a thought leader and nationally recognized expert in family office evolution and structures as a result of his success in evolving a single-family office to a modern wealth management organization and attracting outside capital

Tommy earned a Bachelor of Science from the Callaway School of Business and Accountancy at Wake Forest University. He later earned his Certification in Financial Planning designation from the College for Financial Planning in Denver and attended graduate studies in International Economics and Finance at the London School of Economics.

He has many different business and personal interests but finds work to be his most compelling hobby – something that was instilled in him while growing up in a small family business and farm, which taught him that work kept him out of trouble. Tommy now lives with his wife Katie on a beautiful lake in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Their nest has quickly been emptying, as his three children have reached adulthood. Fortunately, the two Maine Coon cats don’t show interest in leaving anytime soon.

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